Privacy policy

Collecting and storing your information

WOOL AND THIMBLE collects and stores your data in order to be able to provide you with childcare services.

The data we collect and store will vary depending on how you interact with us and our website. Typically your data will be stored as per the following point:

  1. Here on this website. If you fill out our contact form, we will store any details that you put into that form. This is because email is pretty unreliable, so we want to make sure we don’t miss anything that you’ve asked or told us.

    The minimum required information we need to deal with your contact is your email address, first name and contact number.

    We occasionally go through and remove older stored contacts, but the information you have submitted through our form(s) might be stored for up to two years.

Using your info

Although we store your data, we don’t do anything exceptional with it. Data submitted through the contact form is used to:

  • Answer your enquiries or respond to your feedback; and
  • Provide non-identifiable statistics on the interactions we’re getting. For example, we might use the number of submissions asking the same question to decide we need to add a new FAQ to our site.

Payment details

WOOL AND THIMBLE does not currently accept any online payments, and we never collect or store your payment details.


Cookies are small files which are stored on your computer and can be accessed by our webserver (the computer that runs our website). We use cookies on this site.

Cookies don’t have a great deal of personally identifiable information – it’s only data that you have already provided, or that our webserver can see anyway. They just make it easier and faster for the info to be used by the website, and make it possible for data to be passed between different webpages without needing you to log in.

You can block cookies through your browser, but if you do so, you’ll find most of the web just won’t work for you any more – including our website.

Your data privacy rights

Your rights allow you to ask us to delete any of your info at any time. You also have the right to know exactly what data we are storing on you. If at any time you want to access your data, or have it deleted, just drop us an email at

If you ask to have your information deleted, we will put our best technical people on it and remove all trace of you from our systems. It’s as easy as that.

If you have a complaint about any of our collection or storage of your information, in the first instance please contact us at We always strive to make sure we’re giving you the standard of service you want, and your privacy is no exception.

We don’t ever sell or share your details with other people or organisations. Only authorised members of our staff have access to your information, and use it strictly for the purposes of running our business.